“Can I thank you whole-heartedly for the vital life-line that you provided. Life would have been a lot more lonely without it.”

What our customers say

We are a small team motivated by any positive impact we can have on the lives of our customers. Below is a sample of the unsolicited feedback we have received from family members and prisoners. Thank you to those who took the time to contact us.

“My family spend a lot of time out of the country and the time difference and cost of overseas calls prevent me from being able to stay in touch with them. Now I don’t have to worry about them when they are travelling because they can leave me a message to let me know they have arrived safely. I was even able to get a message from my children on Father’s Day which meant a lot.” - Littlehey
“Well done for coming up with the idea, it will be a huge help in enabling contact with my son.” - Exeter
“My biggest expense while I am in here is what I spend on phone calls. I spend £25 a month calling my family but support and contact with those on the outside is the most important thing.” - Littlehey
“Thanks for this service - it's really helped us stay in touch more and it's meant a lot to me.” - Wandsworth
“Can I thank you whole-heartedly for the vital life-line that you provided. Life would have been a lot more lonely without it.” - Nottingham
“My dad's been in prison for 19 years, he loves the service.” - Liverpool
“I had a job where I couldn't answer the phone when he called. Your service made such a difference to our ability to communicate.” - Exeter
“I hadn’t been able to find a way for our children to speak to their dad for three years. After they left their first voicemail I actually broke down in tears. It just makes such a difference, I think the service is brilliant.” - Ranby
“I'm going into hospital for an operation this week and voicemail is the only way I can keep him updated.” - Highpoint
“Yes I think it's a fantastic service & recommend to anyone.. has helped a lot and I've told others about this…” - Frankland
“This is a brilliant way to keep in contact. It makes me feel close to him. I know he is only a phone call away if I need to contact him.” - Stafford
“Due to the conditions of my sentence there is only one 30 minute window a week when I can phone my daughter which puts a lot of pressure on her when she already has a job and children to juggle. This service means she is able to leave me a message a couple of times a week which I can then reply to so we are able to have more contact.” - Littlehey
“Just want to say I appreciate the service you do offer to both prisoners and families. Prison is a harsh place for the prisoners and anything you can do to help the families and friends of them is welcome as not all prisoners should be locked up. Good luck with the future development of the service.” - North Sea Camp
“The service is great and has been really good to help support and keep in touch daily over my sons first christmas. His sister is going to sign up to the service as she often misses his calls and will be able to leave him more interesting messages than me :) Overall though excellent idea and service, would be great for kids to leave daily messages for parents so they can keep in touch with whats going on. Hats off to you guys.” - Hull
“It has transformed the way I can contact my son, just knowing that I can leave him a message of support, gives my wife and I great comfort, 'brilliant'.” - Rochester
“Last week our youngest daughter (3) got chicken pox and he knew within 3 hours of me finding the first spots, even though he wasn’t able to call that evening. In previous circumstance he might not have know for 24-36 hours. Even better, we were discussing our eldest daughter’s guitar lessons. He has been away for 2 years and she has progressed massively in that time but he hasn’t heard her play since he went away. She is 12. We suddenly realised she could leave him a voicemail so he could listen to her play. As soon as we got home she left him a 2 minute voicemail of all her best tunes and he left a reply. To hear the pride in his voice and see the joy on her face as he told her how awesome she sounded was just amazing.” - Stocken
“Thank you for doing this, it's a really nice system, now I can exchange voicemails with my brother.” - Huntercombe
“This service is a brilliant concept and many will benefit hugely from it.” - Stafford
“Thank you so much. The service has been a godsend to us.  Prison is a new and frightening experience for us.  It’s a situation we never dreamed we would be in and my partner is struggling to cope. He finds it reassuring to hear my voice even if the only message I have is to tell him about the weather!  The voicemail will be even more vital now that he is so far away from his family and friends, most of whom will find visiting is difficult over such a distance. Thank you again.” - Bullingdon
“Thanks for the service it has made big difference to family morale.” - Liverpool
“Since using the service over this short period of time, it has been extremely useful. I think it's a fantastic way of keeping in contact with loved ones in a difficult situation. I hope [new prison] do really look into this, as it would be a shame for them not to. Maintaining a relationship with a prisoner is a test of patience and at times it can be difficult. However having the service is place brought a smile to my face. Due to working fulltime, it's not always easy to keep in contact around the time in which prisoners have to be locked up for the day. So to be able to hear a voicemail, and then to be able to respond was a positive solution.” - Nottingham
“I think your service is brilliant, and a great help, as I can let my partner know when I have to go somewhere in an emergency.” - Ranby
“I think it is a great thing. I found it solved a lot, and would highly recommend to anyone.” - Send
“It was brilliant being able to swap messages when I forgot to tell him something or he couldn't get hold of me. A great service.” - Holme House
“I used this for the last couple of months that he was in, it is a fantastic service and well worth signing up to. You know all those times we miss them, need them or want to tell them something? You can with this J It genuinely changed the sentence for us... Just wish we'd had it when he first went 3 years ago!” - Erlestoke
“Being able to say what you’re feeling at the time you feel it!” - Full Sutton
“Since I started using Prison Voicemail, it has been great and has made a difference to our lives. It was... heartbreaking each time... I missed his call and was unable to call him back. Now with Prison Voicemail I am able to call him and leave a message and he can do the same. If there is an urgent message or I am feeling low I can call him and leave a message. Thank you for this service, it has made a great difference to our lives.” - Littlehey
“I love the service. It has made such a huge difference.” - Drake Hall
“I don’t think my brother would have made it through the last six months without Prison Voicemail.” - Lincoln
“I think the service you offer is fantastic and your support function has been exceptional.” - Humber
“It is better now we can phone my partner anytime as I have got depression and anxiety... it’s killing me not bein able to tell him or for him to see our daughter walk for the first time... I’m happy now I’ll be able to [share with] him those little things that mean a lot to our family.” - Lincoln
“Thank you from my husband and I. Now we can plan our talk time and know exactly the time I can answer the phone. This service is so needed.” - Littlehey
“I am thrilled with this new service, it will really help us as a family to maintain ties…” - Stocken
“It is such a brilliant idea and it really helps me through the tough times.” - Brinsford
“Many thanks for the service that you and your team have given us.” - Whatton
“We have a 6 month old daughter, and he can listen to her voice and help him cope while being in prison.” - Highpoint
“It gives an immediate outlet for emotions and messages of support help both myself and my partner. An excellent service, thank you.” - Lincoln
“It was tremendously useful for us, especially when I needed to get a message through quickly. He checked for messages all the time.” - Isle of Wight
“I think the service is amazing, it's so important to know you can just leave them a message.” - Holme House
“I just want to thank you. I was in hospital for major surgery and it was really helpful to be able to leave him messages.” - Elmley